GotSwag Competition

Youth competition seeking Confidence, Attitude and Style

The Goals

Keskese Limited; a top experiential agency in Nigeria reached out to Intense with an idea to develop and run a competition. The competition was tagged “GotSwag” and was aimed at finding out the youth with the most confidence, attitude and style.

Celebrities were needed to be ambassadors of the campaign and also promote it via their several online platforms. Uti and Emma Nyra were the celebrities gotten to fulfill this role. We successful signed Emma Nyra; a top Nigerian female artiste, while Keskese brought in Uti; a top model and television presenter.

Apart from successfully running the campaign, one major goal was to create an awareness of the competition and the GotSwag brand online. Another goal was to build a rich database of Nigerian youth in different higher institutions of learning.

The Strategy

The “GotSwag” campaign was a 360 degree digital campaign. We utilized all our services and managed each stage of the competition.

The success of the GotSwag campaign was tied to a number of processes and strategies employed;

The first step was to develop a Website where contestants could create their profiles and have people vote for them. The website was built from scratch utilizing responsive design principles so that it looked professional on laptops and mobile devices. This stage took about 4 weeks to get completed.

After the website development, there was a testing phase where we ensured that all functions of the website worked well in the manner they ought to. Flaws were corrected and new adjustments were made.

The second step was to run a Social Media Campaign for awareness and brand visibility as this was also one of the competition goals. The social media campaign spanned across various platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BBM. We employed both organic and paid outreach methods in order to gain tangible relevance and spread word about the competition online. We also engagedSocial Media Influencers to amplify the competition to their large audience at every stage.

As part of the strategy, the celebrities who were the ambassadors of the competition promoted the even via their numerous online platforms. This proved very effective as we could easily connect to our target audience via their popularity and charisma.

Following this was a Digital Marketing Campaign which ran simultaneously with our PR strategy. We utilized pay per click (PPC) ads on the Google display network, BBM and Nairaland.

Finally, we used Email Marketing to capture the interest of our target audience. E-Mails were sent periodically in order to stimulate the participation of people who would ordinarily be lukewarm about contesting.

The Results

+ 1,000,000 

Reach On Facebook

+ 500,000 

Website Pageviews

+ 80%

Growth On Instagram

The results were astonishing and met the targets outlined for the competition. Over 7,000 Nigerian youths signed up on the website to participate in the competition.

We grew the Facebook audience from 0 followers to over 6000 in 4 weeks. We had a high rate of engagement for posts on the platform due to effective Social Media Management.

Other Social Media platforms like Twitter and Instagram had some degree of success too. The Digital Marketing campaign brought in over 500,000 page views to the website during the course of the competition.

Services Used

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Web Development
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Public Relations
  7. Creative Design
  8. Email Marketing

Creatives Developed