Getting your new website found online: Why links are important

Getting your new website found online: Why links are important

So your business is now online, you have chosen the right domain name and your web designer has provided you with a website you love! Good job.

So where do we go from here and how do you help your potential clients find your website? How do you ensure that this great website your business just invested in is not lost in a deep dark corner of the internet market place where no one will ever find it? Let’s talk inbound signals!

Your website is very well optimized now, the pages load fast and the information every visitor needs can be found with ease! Great! You read the Google Webmaster blog and it tells you to focus on creating great content and providing value and all will be well with your website… uhm… Really?

Say you take that advice and create great content and post as often as humanly possible, you are excited and driven and your new company is the best thing since sliced bread! And then gradually you begin to notice there is nobody reading this content you are working so hard to provide. Your website is going unseen, unvisited and unshared. Then you panick! “I thought Google said to bring my business online and provide great content and value and people will naturally find my content and link to it”… I am not saying Google lied, but Google DID lie! Yes it is possible for your content to be discovered by itself on its own merit but this will not happen 99.5% of the time. Why you ask? Well, the internet is a really big place and that content you are putting out with so much effort, someone else has already provided the same amount of value (If not more) and that someone might be an industry leader who already has a fan base or better yet someone who paid attention to inbound signals.

Easy rule of thumb, every new post or content on your website needs at least 1 link pointing to it from an external source. And I don’t mean a share link on Facebook or Twitter, I mean a link from someone else’s website saying “Look I found this very useful item on Sososo’s website; you guys should check it out as well…” Please note I am not saying one link from a friend’s website every now and then will automatically solve all your problems, No. I am simply saying it is a good place to start!

So there is really no question here, Should you build links to your content? Absolutely! Should you build a lot of links really fast so you can get found even faster? Absolutely NOT! How do you know what amount of links is too many and what amount of links are too few? Ha! we are going down a rabbit hole now! The questions will not stop! So here is the real question you should be asking, Do you want to handle your own Link building campaign and are you ready to learn every aspect of Search Engine Optimization and Link building OR Would you rather get and experts opinion on the state of your inbound signals and how to improve it going forward?

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