Gamespay is an online gaming and betting website that gives people a chance to win money from playing video and lottery games. Players can play trial games for free before staking some cash for a chance to win big. Winners accounts are credit automatically.

gamespay user acquisition


In a market that is dominated by sports betting websites, Gamespay struggled to create cost effective awareness about their unique and refreshing twist to betting but more importantly they could not acquire new users and increase number of plays like they wanted. 


Gamespay wanted to increase awareness, number of visits to the website, registrations and plays per day by a minimum of 20% every month for 12 months. Gamespay also wanted more creative social media content to engage and grow their social fan base. 

Solution for Gamespay

Social Media Management

gamespay social media management

We created engaging content on social media by using “feel good” stories young people could easily relate to.

Influencer Marketing

gamespay influencer marketing

We partnered with an instagram comedian and influencer; @Klintoncod to create a video skit. He promoted this video on his page to his fans and engaged them when they made enquiries about Gamespay

Lead Ads and Marketing Automation

gamespay lead ads

We promoted the Klintoncod video skit using Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads which allowed interested players to register via facebook. We connected a CRM (Insightly) to Gamespay’s facebook page which allowed us automatically send emails to people the signed up to complete their registration and play the game.

Email and Marketing Automation

gamespay email marfketing

To increase user engagement, we sent automated emails to different segments of registered users. We sent email to the following segments; people who had registered but not played, people who had not played in a period of time, people who had won money.

Sponsored Articles

gamespay sponsored content

We placed articles on relevant platforms like NAIJ where a lot of the target audience visit. The article included the Klintoncod video which was the primary content used to drive the campaign.

 Google Display Ads

gamespay google display ads

We placed banner ads on selected ads highly visited by young Nigerian men between the ages of 18 and 35 interested in entertainment, games and music.


  • Acquired 17,670 new registrations in 2 months from 4,307 in the previous 3 months combined
  • Spent an average of N10 per Lead on Facebook. A total ad spend of N150,000 using Facebook Lead ads
  • Increased plays from below 200 per week to over 3,500 in October
  • We increased revenue by over 1000% in the first 2 months.
  • Engagement on social media sky rocketed with some posts amassing over 10,000 reactions organically
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