Do You Know The Difference Between A Website and A Blog?

Do You Know The Difference Between A Website and A Blog?

I have gotten some mails this past week on the subject matter of blogs and websites. Some of my readers and clients want to know the differences that exist between this two terms. As a matter of fact, there are very few differences looking at the technical perspective; but in terms of functionality  the differences are glaring. One primary thing that can be observed is how data is presented.

So What is A Blog?

The word blog is derived from the root word web log. A blog is primarily a ‘website’ that makes chronological listing of posts. A blog displays the most recent content followed by less recent posts. It is very easy to start a personal or business blog. Online services like blogger or wordpress are popular platforms you can use to host your blog. You do not need to start something entirely from scratch  as they provide templates you can use.

A successful blog is one that is consistently updated and provides value to users. The more frequently it is updated, the more attention it would likely get. Quality and quantity is the right mix for a blog.



How to Identify a Blog


  1. Posts are in chronological
  2. Readers can comment on posts through a commenting system.
  3. Presence of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for feed-readers

Examples ,, etc..


So What is A Website?

A website can be anything presented on the internet written in code. Codes like HTML, CSS, Javascript,PHP etc makes up a website. When a website is visited, the home page is usually for browsing other pages and not for posts. A website is much bigger than a blog although a blog can be a part of a website. Building a website is time taken because most times you build from the base up. But in recent times, there are platforms that enable you create a website without writing a single line of code. A website can be anything from a single page to a big ecosystem like Twitter or Facebook.



How to Identify a Website

  • A homepage that displays content from several other pages.
  • A work portfolio.
  • May or may not contain a Blog.
  • A terms and conditions page
  • A Contact form for reaching out.



What do you want then?


It depends on what you want. If you want a site where you can create content regularly for people to read, then you can go with a blog. But if you have a company , you should combine a blog and a website.

What you exactly want is what you need. Firstly, decide what do you exactly intend to do? If you are more concerned with creating content on a regular basis for others to read, you should go with a blog.

Look at this quote;

All Apples are Fruits, But all Fruits are not apples.

All Blogs are Websites, But all Websites are not Blogs.


This are basically what differentiates a website from a blog. Feel free to contact us for more clarification or if you want us to help you setup a blog or a website

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