Creating an account on every social network is not Social Media Marketing

Creating an account on every social network is not Social Media Marketing

While we are at it I might as well add – “Neither is it a Digital marketing strategy”.

A lot of business owners believe being accessible on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat… everywhere basically means that their social media campaign is doing wonderfully well. “We are doing it right men……we even recently hired a youth corper who is very good at these things, she’s managing all of it.” That sounds great, but what’s next? Have you seen results? How many leads have your social efforts generated, how much has your audience grown? What exactly are the criteria you are using to measure your results and does your business really need to be on every social network?

Valid questions guys; a question that will make you realize you have little or no answers to. A photocentric business like a photography or cake business should be on Instagram and or Pinterest, that absolutely makes sense. It makes sense that such a business is properly listed on foursquare so I can find your bakery or show room. But what is your cake business doing on Vine or Reverbnation? Do you intend to sing the cake to me over a live stream?

On the other hand, a recording/mixing and mastering music studio business with a reverbnation and soundcloud account is not far fetched. In fact it should be expected – potential clients need to be able to listen to your mixes and masters and tell just how excellent your service is and why they should be using your services and not any other business.

Different strokes for different folks. You can’t say because Instagram has worked for my friend that means it will work for me too. It is important to do your research and know what will essentially work for your industry.

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