Content Is King … Or Not; Let’s Talk About It

Content Is King … Or Not; Let’s Talk About It

This debate about whether content is king or not, will it ever end? I mean, we are tired of reading the same thing on every marketing blog telling us publishing great content is the road to success. Maybe my business is in the business of collecting content and not publishing it. Or maybe you can’t put out more than a certain amount of content in specific space of time no matter how much you try.

Truth be told, I won’t categorically tell you content is king or content is not king… But what I can tell you is that the right kind of content mixed with EVERYTHING else is king. “Everything” being the most important variable here!


First – The right kind of content

Talking about the right kind of content for your Nigerian business, if you haven’t read my post about Doing Things Differently please go and start there. After you have read that you might realize doing the exact same thing everyone else has already been doing for years and hoping to achieve magic is a wild goose chase. If you intend to succeed and stay successful you need to do something differently.

So the right kind of content: Rather than waste your time telling you to come up with unique content I would go one step further! I started a small tutorials website a few months back. I literally have not published any new content there in the last 60 days (been busy) but somehow the website still pulls in a lot of traffic and makes a decent amount of money monthly through advertising. The website has only 60 published articles since inception to date so what did I do and how did I do it? I will teach you.

The average person will use Google to search solutions to regular problems that may occur on a daily basis. For example, if my laptop suddenly started to give me an error that I have never seen before, my reaction would be to grab my iPad or my phone and search the exact problem I am having. I could search “Purple screen error windows 8.1” or if I get a more specific error code I could include that in my search as well. Then maybe I will find the solution or maybe not. A few people might have had this problem, searched for a solution, found nothing and simply sent their laptops to a repairer but did not care to ask how it was solved. They were simply content to say “the answer to my question is not online”. If you are not seeing where I am going with this yet, then I suggest you go back and read my last blog post again! I became the guy who provided answers to questions everyone was asking but no one was solving. I did EXTENSIVE keyword research and knowledge research. Anything I wanted to find and couldn’t I put it online myself and made sure the SEO was right so anyone else searching for a similar thing could always find it.

THAT – my friends is how you put out the right kind of content and my EVERYTHING else was my SEO – On page and off page. Please keep in mind your EVERYTHING ELSE will most likely be different from mine seeing as we are probably not doing the exact same things. But the point still remains that with the right kind of content plus a little work and you can stand out and still make money online. Your EVERYTHING else could be social media, it could be search, it could be digital. But EVERYTHING will never work if your content is not right and no I am not talking about quality content.

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