The Concept Of User Engagement And The Nigerian Brands Who Do It The Best

The Concept Of User Engagement And The Nigerian Brands Who Do It The Best

User engagement is a very difficult concept to grasp in the times of now, not because it is rocket science but simply because it can be so risky… yet so beneficial at the same time.

Here is what I mean—an international brand like Mashable will hardly ever respond to your questions directly and this totally works for them because they are perceived as a very strong brand partly because of their ability to “ignore” most of the time.

Now take a look at HTC, If you sent them a tweet commending a product they might respond to you and thank you, If you sent in a complaint at the same time they most likely will respond with proper channels to follow and get your issue resolved. The reason why I know this kind of engagement works is because I personally do not buy any mobile phones not made by HTC. Not because there are no Sony Xperia phones I love or no iPhones I adore but because HTC connected with me on social media platforms and responded to my queries when needed.

Back to Nigeria

It’s a very common saying and it is mostly true, Nigerians abuse everything if given enough time. But then again there are the Nigerians who do things moderately so generalizing can be a huge mistake.

Let’s take a look at Jumia Nigeria, if the Jumia Nigeria twitter handler is unavailable, they have agents using their individual accounts to search people mentioning jumia and in turn responding to questions and complaints. When the handler is online however he/she responds to your queries almost immediately. Now let’s imagine Jumia loses your order or fails to deliver (which hardly ever happens), there are people who will speak to you immediately and help check your order status and help you fix it. It doesn’t matter what they might have done wrong or not done wrong, this is a clear sign of excellent user engagement and they evidently put the customers and users first.

Now take a look at the Glo customer care twitter handle. Firstly, there is no “customer caring” going on anywhere and they are incredibly slow. For example, a quick look at their twitter timeline at the time of writing this post showed that their entire timeline was filled with ads, not tweets of them helping customers solve problems (who by the way are mentioning their handle every second) but ads about Glo bonus and bumper recharge bundles and what not. If you needed to define terrible user engagement this would be it. Especially because when you try to find them on Facebook, they have no customer care page and the main page does you no good as far as solving problems go. That said however, Glo does an incredible job at keeping the customers happy at their physical customer care locations. If you visited any of their centers nationwide with a complaint you can witness how the attendants treat every person’s complaints like the orders of a king. The problem is the centers are too few and not everyone can visit Glo Centers after a long day whilst have issues that need solving NOW. So why can’t this great customer care experience be replicated online?

After comparing and contrasting the elements of user engagement that matter in the Nigerian online space (1. Handling complaints and helping customers out being number 1 on our list), we have come up with a list of 5 brands who are doing an excellent job with their user engagement in the Nigerian cyberspace.

User Engagement And The Nigerian Brands Who Do It The Best

  1. GTBank– The industry leader in everything engagement. They have perfected the art of being awesome.
  2. Konga– Great customer service, speedy and personal.
  3. Jumia Nigeria– Very good customer service with a lot of attention to detail.
  4. Coca-Cola Nigeria– Some of the greatest user engagement campaigns ever done in Nigeria came from these guys. They simply do it the best!
  5. Etisalat– Etisalat “IS” potentially the best service provider in the country, judging by service delivery, support and timeliness. They do a pretty decent job.
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