Chi Pharmaceuticals

Chi Pharmaceuticals

CHI Pharmaceuticals is recognized as one of few leading pharmaceuticals company in Nigeria providing quality drugs and life saving products to Nigeria’s healthcare system. CHI Pharmaceuticals understood the potential opportunity to reach more individuals in their target market and looked into the benefits of going digital to push brand and product awareness, maintain thought leader status in the pharmaceutical industry and to bring in new leads to nurture into customers. chi pharmaceuticals

With a need to increase awareness on the digital space, the company turned to Intense to increase visibility, grow their following on social media and also for content creation.


CHI Pharmaceuticals had no existing social media presence. The key points for using Intense’s social media management services was to

  • Grow CHI Pharmaceuticals presence on the digital space
  • To gain brand awareness & product awareness online and
  • Delivering valuable content and campaigns across social media


Intense put together a content marketing strategy for CHI Pharmaceuticals to help achieve their goals. Our strategy included daily publishing of valuable and informational content, weekly social media promoted posts, fan base growth, email marketing, weekly blog articles, client site photography and creative design.

Social media management and content creation –  We created engaging content on social media by using quizzes, talking about common health conditions etc.

chi pharmaceuticals social media and content management


                         chi pharmaceuticals social media and content management (2)


Creative design – Produced visually appealing images of CHI Pharmaceuticals products.

chi pharmaceuticals creative design


Social media advertising – Promoting content shared to reach a wider section of the target audience.

chi pharmaceuticals social media advertising


Social media giveaways to reward fans  – Weekly recharge cards were used to reward customers and to further gain their loyalty as brand evangelists

chi pharmaceuticals social media giveawyas



Blog posts – Blog posts covering a wide range of heath conditions, healthy living and illnesses which CHI Pharmaceutical’s drug cures or provides relief too.

chi pharmaceuticals blogpost




Intense helped CHI Pharmaceuticals reach over 201, 462 people per month. Content creation efforts resulted in about 35% monthly increase in post reach, engagement and shares. This proved a reliable avenue for increasing awareness for their brand & products and also nurturing brand evangelists.

After 6 months, we grew the social media following to over 11,000 on Facebook, and over 1,100 on Instagram and Twitter respectively, with engagement rates on social media at over 20%.

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