Building your business with customer referrals: Word of mouth marketing is STILL the best marketing

Building your business with customer referrals: Word of mouth marketing is STILL the best marketing

Slow down… When I say word of mouth marketing, I have no intention of asking you as a business owner to actually start trying to spread the word about your business by discussing it with everyone you meet. That would be too much stress, and it would most probably yield very little results if any at all.

So why are we here? I am going to teach you how to get your business running on referrals from YOUR current customers and how to keep the referrals coming. Before I begin check out this quick infographic below:

Word of mouth marketing


That is real! 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product because they are learning about it from friends or family. According to a study from the Wharton School of Business, referred customers have 16% higher lifetime value. This means they stay around longer than the average customer and will most likely bring you even more customers… Why is this you wonder? The world is connected via stories; humans love to tell stories… Good, bad, ugly everyone has a story to tell about their experience with your business. It’s not what you do for them that they will remember, it is how you made them feel.

From the moment a lead becomes a client till their 1 billionth purchase with your business you need to learn to delight your customers. Make them happy. Do everything in your power to make sure they are so impressed by your service they want all their family members to leave anyone they are currently working with and move their business to you instead. It doesn’t matter if the other company is bigger or has been at it the longest; with the right impressions and customer service you can get ALL of their clients asking for your services without ever having to contact them directly.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Impress your current clientele and make them happy, make them have a story to share about your business, the kind of story that will have everyone wanting your services. Then and only then will your customers be in a position to help supercharge your word of mouth marketing.

A big part of delighting your customers is hiring a social media management agency or learning how to manage social media profiles for your business by yourself. Read more about a potential social media for business course HERE.

Checkout this detailed infographic on getting your customers to talk about your brand/business:

delight your customers, word of mouth marketing


All Images courtesy of: Sales Force

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