Brand Personality: How to create it.

Brand Personality: How to create it.

In social circles, people with great personalities thrive and so is the same in business. A Brand personality are a set of human traits or characteristics that consumers can relate to. A brand with a fully formed personality can leverage that built up equity in their brand messaging.  They can get people to relate better with them. They can display a consistent set of traits that a particular focus group enjoys. It helps shape the way people feel about its product, service or mission.

Examples of Brand Personalities

Brand personalityFriendly (Indomie)

Brand PersonalitySpontaneous(MTN,GLO)

Brand personalitySincerity (Pampers,always)

Brand PersonalityExciting(PEPSI)

Brand PersonaityCompetent(Dettol)

Brand personalityRugged(Jeep)

Sophisticated (Apple)

Brand PersonalityHow to choose a brand personality

Customers directly respond to personalities they find in a brand that are similar to their own. If you are starting a brand or business, look closely at your product. Look at your target audience. What is attracting the audience of the competitors? How can your personality be unique?

The answers to these questions will inform your brand’s personality.


How does a brand show it’s personality

Tone (The choice of words and the tone a brand uses reflects their personality)

Visuals (The Imagery a brand uses can reflect it’s personalities)

Activations (Microsoft usually has VR showcase)

Sponsorships (The kinds of events the brands sponsors can be a show of their personality. For example Coca Cola sponsoring the World Cup, shows the brand in its Bigger than life personality.)

Brand Personality


As consumers become smarter at seeing through brands, an effective brand personality will be increasingly important. Take your time honing your brand’s personality and always be flexible, whilst maintaining it.

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