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Social Media Marketing In Nigeria, doing it right

The concept of Social Media Marketing constantly eludes a lot of Nigerian businesses, so much so — they don’t even understand the importance of regularly updating their social media accounts and engaging their fans on a daily basis. Social media marketing is not very different from traditional marketing. In the real world, most people have…

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Dominos, Debonairs, Internet Marketing For Businesses

Internet Marketing For Businesses In Nigeria – Case Study 1

So it is 2015, more Nigerian businesses are coming online because everyone is starting to realize just how important having an online presence for their business is. The young people of yesterday who were all over their twitter and Facebook are the working class of today. Usually when the average youth needs something and does…

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Making Your Business Popular Online In Nigeria

The Business Of Making Your Business Popular Online In Nigeria

In recent years advertising has evolved a great deal, companies that previously only paid attention to traditional marketing have begun to move advertising in the direction of online advertising. You might find a ground nut oil company trying to run a twitter giveaway for ileya and you will find that they mean business. The traditional…

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