Now You've Got The Job

Surviving Your First Week On A New Job

Hello there, just like it is that every day is someone’s birthday, so it is that everyday people get hired. This article right here is to give tips to those that just got hired. They are so many things you need to know but I’ll just share a few. SAY THANK YOU Congratulations! You have…

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Every Company Needs A Blog

Why Every Company In Nigeria Needs A Blog On Their Website

If you are above 13 years of age, I believe you know there’s a difference between a weblog – the long form of blog – and a website proper. I would not go into the details of highlighting the differences and similarities between the two. That has been reserved for a later blog post.  I recall speaking…

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Why You Need A Website

Are You Really A Business If You Don’t Have A Website?

A few days ago, I was having a chit chat with a group of friends at a popular bar in the highbrow area of lekki phase 1. It was a beautiful scenery. The streets were bright with lights from cars and gigantic electronic billboards. This was few minutes past 12 am and everywhere was still…

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grahic design

5 Steps to Becoming A Better Graphic Designer

I remember vividly when I was an undergraduate at Covenant University. I picked up interest in graphic design when I saw my close friend doing a lot of crazy designs and girls loving him for it. Well, apart from the female benefits that it brought him, I was always amazed by how easily he could come up…

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MisconceptionsonDigital Marketing

Misconceptions About Digital Marketing In Nigeria Part 2

In this second and concluding part of the misconceptions about digital marketing series, I would write on three more ideologies that modern day businesses and corporations should change. In the first part of the series, I wrote on twitter trending and its illogical use. In this post, I would write on the following misconceptions and…

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Misconceptions about Digital Marketing in Nigeria Part 1

I mentioned in our last post on getting hired in the digital marketing industry in Nigeria that, many agencies and even clients do not have a clear understanding of what digital marketing is all about. What we’ll try to do in this post is to clarify some common misconceptions and myths surrounding digital marketing and it’s…

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How to Get Hired In the Digital Marketing Industry in Nigeria

The Digital Marketing sector in Nigeria is still very much young and there are few professional digital marketing companies that actually know what they are doing. What this means is; the top agencies are always searching for talents to keep them in that top spot. How can you catch the eyes of these companies? The…

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header, intense

Fuel scarcity: Why Virtual Businesses will do better

The current fuel scarcity situation in Nigeria is no news to anyone. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this current situation is crippling the various businesses around the nation. For a company like MTN Telecommunications, which is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Nigeria, to issue a statement that they would…

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Nigeria As a Country Requires Serious Product Redesign

New Government: 5 Social Changes we should expect

Now that the March Elections have been conducted and the results collated, all that is left is for our President-Elect to be sworn in and so begins a new Government in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. With this new government comes great expectation from the Nigerian people. The question now is will this government live…

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Web Design in Nigeria

A Fundamental improvement problem with Web Design in Nigeria

A few weeks before I started working for Intense I was still very much available for freelance work and I did quite a number. Then working here opened my mind to a world of corporate clients and I have since learnt a lot about how older more experienced people think and why a lot of…

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