Prindex properties

Prindex properties

Prindex properties is a real estate company delivering innovative property development solutions that capture optimal value for clients. Prindex Properties was founded to enable aspiring real estate owners to actualize their dreams. Their focus is on modern buildings with good infrastructure, facility management and tenant sourcing.   Challenges Prior to contacting Intense, Prindex Properties had…

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maybrands e-commerce


MayBrands is the biggest licensed retailer of designer wrist watches like Fossil, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, DKNY and many more with over 8  physical stores in Nigeria.   CHALLENGES Despite several brick and mortar stores, Maybrands was not able to cater to bust professionals and entrepreneurs who didn’t have the luxury of time to visit…

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leadway assurance savings campaign

Leadway assurance

Leadway Assurance is one of Nigeria’s foremost insurance service companies, with a reputation for service efficiency and customer reliability.   Challenges To increase their share of the retail insurance market; Leadway Assurance needed to increase awareness and sales of their “Leadway Savings Plan” insurance product. Objective The objective of the campaign was to acquire qualified…

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gamespay user acquisition


Gamespay is an online gaming and betting website that gives people a chance to win money from playing video and lottery games. Players can play trial games for free before staking some cash for a chance to win big. Winners accounts are credit automatically. Challenges In a market that is dominated by sports betting websites,…

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chi pharmaceuticals

Chi Pharmaceuticals

CHI Pharmaceuticals is recognized as one of few leading pharmaceuticals company in Nigeria providing quality drugs and life saving products to Nigeria’s healthcare system. CHI Pharmaceuticals understood the potential opportunity to reach more individuals in their target market and looked into the benefits of going digital to push brand and product awareness, maintain thought leader…

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Websites making money Nigeria

Nigerian websites making money.

The age of the internet has without doubt, created some of the greatest fortunes of our generation. Everywhere you look online, it’s another story of a millionaire who started a website, or some other venture online. Trust Naija to never carry last in any thing regarding making money. Here’s some websites making money online. 1…

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10 Ways to get your SEO Ranking Higher and your Website Found.

You got a website for your business, congratulations. That’s just the start of it, because at the same time your website went live, so did a million others. How do you stand out? What sets you apart when people are searching for what it is they can find on your website? The answer is SEO.…

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Social Media Profit

10 Ways Social Media can boost your profits

The rise of Social Media has revolutionized not only the way people communicate but also the way businesses and brands speak and sell to prospects and end consumers. However, not every business active on Social Media have figured out how to boost their bottom lines, so we have made a list of things you can…

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Digital Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Trends that have been popular in 2017

  The Digital space is always in flux, every minute there is something new, a new trend , a new app, a new soci media hangout ,a new social media star or a new video that’s just gone viral,the list of “whats new” is seemingly endless. This can be scary for a brand looking to…

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falz Influencer

Influencers and how they can grow your brand.

  We all want power.We want to be able to call the shots and make people do what we tell them.It’s not enough to have only those physically around you agree to everything you say, now social media has made us all power hungry. Likes and followership have become the new currency of self worth…

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