Avengers: Age of SEO in Nigeria

Avengers: Age of SEO in Nigeria

Like every investment we make, we do it so that we get returns – so when you pay your SEO consultant/company don’t you expect that you get some kind of return for your money in the long run? Be it an improvement in traffic, higher rankings for your money keywords or basic on-page optimization; you must expect some kind of return.

So what happens when you get no value or returns for your investment and how can you avoid such occurrences?

A Case Study

Like any other organization that cares about its customers and potential customers, we did some competitive research of our own. Being a fairly mint company ourselves we decided not judge the industry by its covers so we set up a few test sites and employed some “prominent” SEO players in the Nigerian SEO-sphere to provide some specific results. And the outcome was terrible – so terrible that we simply could not continue our research for any reason whatsoever.

What Happened Exactly

It came to our notice that a lot of “SEO Companies” in Nigeria do not actually know what SEO is! So rather than bore you with the details we would do you one better and tell you the red flags to look out for before hiring an SEO company or consultant.

  1. Do not employ SEO companies that have a one size fits all package.

If there is such a thing as a standard fee of maybe 50,000 naira that the person or company charges ALL of its clients, regardless of niche, competition or work schematics. Run AWAY!

  1. They must provide clear goals and targets

An SEO company that is afraid to help you hit your targets after carrying out an audit is not fit to take your money. You need to tell them what your goals are and they need to tell you how long they think it will take to help you hit those targets. You are not an endless pit of money. You have to know what you are spending on and how long you are spending for! You also have to know what you are getting in return.

  1. Reporting and analytics

If after the first month they do not send you a comprehensive report of the work that has been done, showing what has been achieved in comparison with the targets agreed upon… Then you need to say bye-bye.

  1. What keywords are they ranking for?

It’s a fair question! You want to help me rank but you are not ranking for anything yourself… And no I don’t want to see you ranking for your own branded keywords, show me your rankings for your primary competitive keywords and I will show you my money – If I’m impressed.  You cannot promise me something you haven’t done for yourself and expect that I would believe you.

Want to know more about picking the right SEO company/consultant for your business? Send us a message with this contact form here and we will answer any questions you might have.

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