Are You Really A Business If You Don’t Have A Website?

Are You Really A Business If You Don’t Have A Website?

A few days ago, I was having a chit chat with a group of friends at a popular bar in the highbrow area of lekki phase 1. It was a beautiful scenery. The streets were bright with lights from cars and gigantic electronic billboards. This was few minutes past 12 am and everywhere was still very lively – how I love the island -. We were discussing politics, business and general issues of life.

On my table were three guys and two very pretty ladies. Apparently, one of the ladies just opened a store at Ebeano market for her fashion design business. She was highly elated and recounted the various trials and tribulations she went through before finally succeeding at securing that location.

Out of my normal humble curiosity I asked for her Instagram account and her website address. At least I know some of my friends who are into fashion and spend lots of hours drooling and poring at Instagram pictures everyday. To my greatest surprise she opened her mouth and asked why she needs a website for her store at Ebeano. Gbah Gbah Gbah!!! were the actions going on in my head. I literally could not understand why a lady in this time and age would have a business and not think of going online.

The truth is, there are still very many people who have this idea at the back of their minds. A man who probably owns a large chain of phone repair sites would wonder why he needs a website for his business. A big time business woman who deals in Adiree fabric may not necessarily see the need for a website but if you want to survive and grow in this times you have to adapt. Imagine if a younger lady sees the Adiree fabric business and decides to open a website where she can receive orders from all parts of Nigeria and even the world what do you think would happen? Let me tell you. In a few months, the young lady would be a household name when  it comes to Adiree fabric. This is simply because the internet is a very powerful tool every business must utilize to succeed.

3 Reasons Why You need A Website For Your Business

In case you are one of all these “ju” people who don’t see a reason to own a website, I have put up a couple of points to convince you and not confuse you on why you should get a website for your business.

It Makes You Look Credible

If you have a small business and you give out your business cards to potential clients, you would look more professional in the eyes of your clients if you have a website address indicated on your card.

Reachable From A Wide Market

A website makes you accessible from any part of the world. People do not need to come to your physical location to transact business with you. Business becomes borderless and unrestricted by timezones. If you want to reach a wider audience and experience an increase in sales, you should get a website hosted for your business.

Showcase Your Work

Your website enables you tell the world that you are good at what you do. We agree that word of mouth marketing is a great force in publicizing anything , then imagine word of mouth marketing coupled with a great website. That’s just phenomenal. The truth is, many people may not have heard about your business from someone’s lips, but its possible to get found online with a great website acting as your shop.


If you have seen reasons to get a website for your business no matter the size of it, why not contact us to help you build a great one and increase profits for your business.

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