Achieving More With Your Social Media Campaign, Why You Need A Social Media Budget

Achieving More With Your Social Media Campaign, Why You Need A Social Media Budget

Hiring someone to work on your company’s social media growth in-house may not be as cost effective as it sounds. Usually, the HR department of most companies know very little or nothing at all about the social media space but at least they are aware they need to be active on social media one way or another so they hire a “social media savvy” kid fresh out of college and put him/her on a salary.

Next comes the targets. This new social media person would be instructed to grow the social media audience and get Facebook likes and get twitter followers and YouTube subscribers. When he does not do this you begin to ask questions. What are we paying you for? Why can’t you grow our social audiences? Did you not say you were social media savvy?

Times have really changed!

Companies need to realize most of these social networks in themselves are businesses, they make their own money through advertisement campaigns that you run on their platforms. So you do not simply grow Facebook likes or grow twitter followers. Except you are running a competition on your social media profiles that is in turn being publicized through other channels that can pull a lot of attention, you need a social media budget if you require growth. You need to know how much is being allocated to Facebook likes this month or how much is the company spending on twitter followers in order to grow these audiences.

A wise man I once met said “Hiring a person to work without providing him/her with the appropriate tools is punishment”. Think about it for a second, how do you ask a child to plough a field without affording him a hoe or a plough or a cutlass or something that can at least aid the child’s cause? Same theory applies when we are talking about social media growth or audience building.

If you want numbers — you need a budget.

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