5 Steps to Becoming A Better Graphic Designer

5 Steps to Becoming A Better Graphic Designer

I remember vividly when I was an undergraduate at Covenant University. I picked up interest in graphic design when I saw my close friend doing a lot of crazy designs and girls loving him for it. Well, apart from the female benefits that it brought him, I was always amazed by how easily he could come up with very creative designs with little or no effort. In my quest to becoming a highly skilled graphic designer, I went all out reading tips and hints, consuming tutorials and here I am today. A better graphic designer than I was 4 years ago.

I want to share with everyone some tips based on my little journey to becoming the designer that I am today. There are just five of them and if you follow them you have a chance of becoming better than me.

5 Steps To better Graphic Design


1.  Create Mockup Projects For Non-existing Companies

The best way to grow and develop any particular skill is to practice very often. Creating sample projects for companies that lie in your imagination helps you practice and learn new things. For example; you can decide to brand a Fast food restaurant. In this project you would want to design a logo, a letterhead, cups, T-shirts etc. Creating this type of project enables you think deeply and gain relevant knowledge whenever you meet a challenge.

2. Always, Always have your sketch pad around

A sketch pad is a designer’s creative factory.   You could be taking a walk and an idea hits you due to something you saw. Even if you do not have a big sketch pad to carry around, you can have a small note where you note down ideas and drafts for possible design creation.

3. Be A Collector

What I do normally is this, whenever I am browsing the internet and I come across a great piece of artwork or design, I always save it for future reference. I do this so that I can stimulate my creative senses. When you start trying to understand how the design was done, you stimulate your brain. Sometimes, try to re-create some of these designs. There are usually a ton of things you would learn when recreating them.

4. Join Design Blogs

Ensure that you signup to design communities like Behance. This would give you the opportunity of getting your works criticized by a good number of people. Criticism is good for a graphic artist as it helps build his capacity if he views criticisms rightly.

5 .Build Your Portfolio

What’s the point of designing art upon art without a proper system or channel of displaying your works to potential clients or employers? A good graphic artist ought to create an offline and also online portfolio for aggregating his design works. This would enable people view him as a professional and serious minded service provider.


This methods outline above enabled me move from a basic design rookie to a captain intermediate designer. The most important thing is for every graphic artist to continue working consciously and consistently in improving his skills in the marketplace.

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