5 Skills Every Social Media Manager Must Have

5 Skills Every Social Media Manager Must Have

With a lot of businesses tapping into the potentials and benefits of social media comes a greater demand for social media managers.  Social media managers are representations of your business online. The general purpose of having one is to guide your organisation’s social media strategy, to boost visibility on social media and for customer engagement.

Social media management shouldn’t be brought up as an afterthought for your business. It could be a standalone role and other times work together with other departments like communications and marketing/sales.

I’ll take you through the most important skills every social media manager must have.  But first, a good social media manager needs a combination of hard and soft skills. Hard skills come from experience while soft skills can be related to personality, behaviour and emotional intelligence. Combination of these skills allow a social media manager identify opportunities, create engaging content and convert as many of your followers as possible into paying loyal customers.

A quick look at Google’s trends for the term “Social media manager”, shows how interest for the term has peaked over the years based on search (2009 – 2018).

Interestingly, Nigeria ranks second amongst countries where the bulk of this search comes from. It can only mean that a lot are interested in hiring or learning the skills of a social media manager.


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Without further ado. Here are the 5 most important skills I believe every social media manager is required to have

  1. Copywriting

Much of a Social media manager’s job is content creation, constantly coming up with ideas that are creative, catchy and relating them as captions, images or videos. For all of this, copy writing is a vital ability to write engaging and effective text. It is arguably the most valuable skill any social media manager can possess. A social media manager should be able to write eye catching and mind blowing text that speaks the company’s language.

All through social media, people have really short attention span; they’re on it to have fun. So the moment that is disrupted with a brand’s message, it has to be attention grabbing, otherwise your message would be lost. Knowing this, it is the duty of a social media manager to create content that drives positive engagement. This is usually depicted with captivating stories and a style of writing that still informs and talks about the brand at the same time.

  1. Creative design (graphics & videos)

Social media posts with high quality creatives get more engagement than posts without pictures/videos or posts with pictures/videos that aren’t great. As a social media manager, your job entails the use of creatives across all social media accounts every day. Some companies may decide to hire a creative designer or art director to make it as professional as possible, but in the instance that these positions aren’t available, you will be required to develop the creatives.

You don’t have to be an expert with design tools like Photoshop and Coreldraw to create appealing creatives; there are a number of easy to use design apps that allows you do all these. Examples of easy to use design apps are CanvaSnappa, DesignBold and lots of others. The ability to quickly whip up visual content that looks professional is a valuable skill for any social media professional, a good eye for design and the ability to source and edit images is also a must-have.

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  1. Research Savvy

How else are you supposed to be well informed on topics relating to your services and brand story if you do not like to spend some quality time researching. Finding out new things and getting new and better ideas? Research is well part of the job. Everything you need to take upgrade your current efforts to the next level is available online. Only if you are keen on doing the needful research.

Companies want to check out their social media pages and see that you are doing a good job, getting ahead of competitors or having healthy competition.  Research is the key to switching up your game.

The ability to undergo research and adapt can keep you ahead of the curve. Adaptability complements curiosity. When you discover something new or spot a trend, it is expected that a good social media manager is able to keep.

  1. Customer Service

It is the duty of a social media manager to engage with customers online. From responding to comments to replying messages and social listening for keywords related to your brand. The first place people go to when they have complaints is fast becoming social media. Being able to give the right replies will score you points. Wrong replies or lackadaisical attitude is an easy way to ruin a company’s image online. You’re better off safe, than having to counter a brand campaign gone bad.

Social media is the top channel people go to for customer care, but only 21% of businesses use social media for customer support. This means there’s a huge opportunity here to provide remarkable customer service experiences. It is also recommended for a social media manager to have conversational skills and empathy.

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You should be able to clearly proffer a solution for the customer while making the customer feel heard. Do away with all of those automated messages; they don’t give good impressions of your brand to your customers.

  1. Analytical

You shouldn’t run away from the numbers. Take a look at the analytics of each platform weekly to make sure you’re on the right track. This helps you see what posts your audience resonates with the most.

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Analytics should be seen from 2 angles; engagement metrics and business metrics. The first is the ability to analyse social media data, ranging from page and content likes to retweets, shares etc. The second is the ability to analyse business/conversion metrics. Ranging from time on site and bounce rate to business metrics like leads, revenue and conversions.

Choose the ones that tie to your business goals and monitor them. The ability to track traffic and conversions back to active social media channels will help you understand what type of content is helping you to achieve your goals.

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