5 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Learn Digital Marketing in Nigeria

5 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Learn Digital Marketing in Nigeria

The digital era is here to stay, today’s tech-savvy customers are open to shopping, transacting and connecting online for all their needs. If for no reason else, you should learn digital marketing so as to reach these people and increase the value of your business in 2018 and beyond!

Digital marketing has applicable tools and techniques that offer you the best chances for competition, survival and eventual business growth. Having basic knowledge of digital marketing in this ever changing world is a must- especially for small and medium business owners. If you want your business to reach a wider audience, improve sales, get more customers and compete effectively, you need a grounded knowledge in digital marketing. It doesn’t matter if you hire an agency to handle that aspect of your business, from time to time you will need to monitor performance for your campaigns.

You don’t want to be at the back end of the rail when other business owners are successfully acquiring new customers and growing. Making a conscious effort to learn the basics will go a long way. With continuous training and development (attending workshops, trainings etc) you’ll discover that digital marketing is worth investing in. Success begets success. Below are 5 reasons why you should learn digital marketing as a business owner.

  1.  Make your business standout

With various business brands vying for audience attention, you should think of an approach totally different from what others are doing. A good knowledge in digital marketing gives you the upper hand where others go wrong.  With basic knowledge of this field, you get to contribute to every process along the way as you understand your business better than anyone. You can also devise means to develop a better relationship with customers. This in turn, earns your business reputation and credibility.

By using relevant and smart digital marketing techniques, you can give fair visibility to your business online. You can also enhance your ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

  1.  Connect with customers

It’s well known that customers are key to business success. You are responsible for the perception they have of your business. When you have knowledge about digital marketing, you can then find creative ways to interact with your audience, win their trust and loyalty.

Ensure you continuously engage your audience with interesting and very useful information. Provide updates about your brand, show them what happens behind the scenes. Also, don’t forget to show how human your brand can be. With digital marketing you have the opportunity to gain feedback and initiate two-way conversations. This is rest assured to give your business top of mind awareness!

In general, use your knowledge of digital marketing to serve as a major channel for customer interaction and promoting products.

  1.  Increase business sales

The top priority of most businesses is for profits to reflect on their bottom; to run a profitable operation. For this to happen, sales of the business have to be on the increase. With a well rounded training on digital marketing all you need do is implement a number of tactics to influence sales i.e. SEO, SMM, email marketing, mobile marketing, retargeting, marketing automation.

Above everything else, your knowledge in this field will enable you perform conversion optimization.  Higher conversion rates from your campaigns will deliver loads of profitable benefits for you and your business in terms of getting increased business sales. Digital marketing can provide a better Return of Investments (ROI) than traditional media and marketing channels.

  1.  Build your business reputation

If you want your business to have a good relationship with your customers, you must be able to deliver on your brand promises. This will prove beneficial for your brand reputation, as satisfied customers will most likely tell other people about their experience with your brand, product or service.

Digital marketing facilitates interaction with targeted audience. A reason why digital marketing is getting popular for business owners is its capacity to engage with target audiences and ensure result driven interactions. Of course, how you manage such engagements will determine whether you attain business achievement or disappointment. Good interaction with your target audience definitely builds your brand reputation and brand trust in a positive way. Leveraging on digital marketing also has the potential to make your brand go viral; with this you can be rest assured of opportunities for reaching bigger markets and attaining business growth.

  1.  Cater to the mobile consumer

Without a doubt, the penetration of smart phones in Nigeria and its widespread adoption in the country opens up a new way to further reach those in your target audience and beyond. With about 97 million internet users in Nigeria, 80% of that number actively uses their mobile devices. They always have their mobile devices within reach and regularly use it to browse the internet. The largest group of consumers are using their mobile devices daily. So it’s essential that you use a marketing solution that targets these devices properly.

According to eMarketer report-, “Now would be the best time to have digital advertising efforts planned towards mobile buyers. “Mobile devices have advanced from being alternative of tablets and PCs, into something that is affecting customers’ buying decisions”.



Digital marketing success does not happen by accident, it takes people with the right skills and knowledge to be able to bring about desired results.  As a business owner, take time to learn digital marketing, you will not only achieve tremendous success but you will definitely be in the run for a very long time. You might think you don’t have the time but the reality is you do. Start off with a basic training which can be completed in as little as 2 days. This shouldn’t take much from your schedule. Remember, you’re undergoing this training in order to achieve positive results for your business.  Also to position yourself for long term success of your business moving forward.

Do your research before picking up a course and choose only the best digital marketing programs. At Intense, we have professional experience and practicable knowledge to share with our students.  Send us a message HERE or check our digital marketing training modules HERE.

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