5 Email Marketing tips

5 Email Marketing tips

In business, it’s always a great idea to keep learning. How do you do this? Well, sometimes the best way is to learn from what other businesses have done. Not only does this give you a blueprint, it also leaves room for continuous innovation and improvement. Email marketing is a staple right now, and even the rise of social media has not been able to stifle the ability of a business to use emails as a great tool for reaching it’s audience. However, as with anything, change is sometimes needed to “Spice” things up. Here are 5 great email marketing tips to help you improve your marketing

5 great Email marketing tips

(1) Keep your audience engaged

Email Marketing Tips

Hotels.ng  send emails often to keep their audience engaged. The content usually ranges from travel tips to deals on offer. What makes this particular campaign great is the portal they created where a user could enter their destination from the mail directly. What this does is, gives the user an opportunity to start looking up hotels even if their trip is way into the future.

Lesson: Make it easy for your audience to perform actions directly from your email. Instead of having them go all the way to your site and then start the customer journey again.


(2) Offer Rewards

Email Marketing Tips

Stutern would like it’s audience to fill out a survey and for that stand a chance to win Jumia voucher cards worth N5000. What exactly you offer is your choice and depends on what your audience will feel is worth the effort you ask of them, you can up the amount, if your customers are much more sophisticated and high-net worth.

Lesson: Offer a reward .  Tit for tat, you want them to do something for you, then give them the chance to at least gain from it.

(3) Ask for Feedback

Email Marketing Tips

In this e-mail, DSTV is calling on customers to tell them about their experience. Usually an email from DSTV might not have much interaction, only if it’s a reminder that subscription should be renewed. In this case, however it is refreshing that a company of that size would want feedback on their services. Now, not everyone will answer this but a good number will, especially if they feel they are being ignored by their local offices.


Tip: Seek Feedback. Don’t always be the one talking to your audience, it’s important to get them talking as well. It can really be an eye opener to know what they have on their mind. This can also make them feel like you care and can improve the overall positive sentiment associated with your business.

(4) Be personal with your users

Email Marketing Tips

“You missed so many ads” This subject line immediately gets the reader interested in what’s on offer.  At some point the user did subscribe but wasn’t  visiting the site anymore, but with a little emoji and using the word “You”, the email could get  visit on their site.

Tip: Be personal with your users, if they haven’t been on in a while, remind them about it, and highlight what they are missing out on.


(5) Provide Valuable Information

Email Marketing Tips

Jobberman does a great job in it’s emails by giving it’s audience helpful & valuable information. Give them an answer to a problem or provide  information that can lead them to a solution.

Tip:  Give your audience valuable information that can help solve problems they may be facing.





These examples do not have to be copied exactly, but they can serve as guides in your own e-mail marketing campaign. Do you need professional help in creating email marketing campaigns, then you can call on us.


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