5 Digital Marketing Trends that have been popular in 2017

5 Digital Marketing Trends that have been popular in 2017


The Digital space is always in flux, every minute there is something new, a new trend , a new app, a new soci media hangout ,a new social media star or a new video that’s just gone viral,the list of “whats new” is seemingly endless. This can be scary for a brand looking to cash in on what’s hot before it becomes stale(this happens much faster nowadays).

What’s the solution? Is there a way brands can see the future and plan effective digital strategies?. Well you’re in luck because the answer is a resounding yes!. Digital culture moves in trends and if you look closely enough to what’s happening now, you can predict what’s going to be happening tomorrow(today is pregnant with tomorrow,right?right!)

2017 has started off with great strides and many changes, Generation Z have taken over from the Millenials as the most sought after demographic ,images and videos have essentially become the format that rule! Here’s five digital marketing trends that have been popular in 2017

1)Niche Targeting

bella NaijaThe online marketplace can be and most times is riotous and overcrowded place,where ads are creeping up from all corners of your eyes causing distractions , information overload makes it hard to concentrate and brands spending large amounts to appeal to everyone(which is impossible). Brands usually want as much customers as they can get because quite simply it equals more money, but the popular trend of 2017 has been Niche targeting. Niche’s are these little spaces where your brand can go in and be king, looking around rejoicing at the absence of competitors, using pioneer pricing and gaining from first mover advantages.Basically it’s a great place to be,and it’s the best place to be. Ad analytics on platforms like facebook has made it possible to target only age ranges that are likely to be interested in your business. This approach saves time, money and most important allows your brand to have a cohesive approach. The brand story,content and marketing can be tailored exclusively to what appeals to that demographic.In essence ,2017 has been a year where you find your space and own it!.


2)Rise of the influencers


The word “Influencer” has slowly found it’s way into the lexicon of social media users and advertisers,but what does it mean? Lets give an example : Nkechi loves make-up, she’s great at talking about it(and she does on her Instagram page), she does make-up for all her friend’s weddings and uses hashtags and uploads it,slowly but surely her instagram following rockets to one million followers all over the world ,real people who trust her recommendations and want to buy what she buys to get her results.She has become an “Influencer”.In her niche,she has gained trust and can then act as a bridge between a make up brand e:g Mac, who want to launch a new line but want to make sure that they are getting targeted and actual engaged customers contact her and they work together and voila!Influencer marketing begins.

This trend has been growing for the last three years with the success of Instagram making huge stars and Infuencers out of regular people and brands cashing in on the “Natural” feel of product placements.

2017 has seen it become a more fundamental brand strategy as companies pour more and more money while resisting intrusive marketing.

Lola OJ is an example of an influencer.



Mobile phones have become essentially tools that seem to solve every problem for the modern human being, it tells the time, makes calls, takes pictures. So many products in one. The most important function now in regards to a business is mobile phones have become “shopping partners” .Gone are the days when customers took the word of the salesman as final, nowadays before a purchase is made on anything that costs more than a disposable item, there is usually research, fact checking and recommendations. All this happens on the go, so brands will have to make sure that they practise what they preach and sell the exact thing they say they are selling, because the truth is now a click away.



4)The Listening brandgt bank


Any serious brand wanting to stay competitive in this digital age must have already developed a social media presence(if you haven’t ,it’s not too late). However having a social media presence isn’t the end of it, it must be actively managed. Why should it be managed? It should because nowadays a brand that doesn’t answer customer queries especially on social media can be seen as cruel and uncaring.

Instant communication between brands and customers is the norm and perfect understanding of it is the only way your business can keep up with the “listening” brand trend, everyone looks a great listener.

Gtbank’s social media shows them being effective in “listening”, which in turn leads to understanding how to answer the customer and get to the root of the problem


Digital trends

There is so much information that it seems we are under pressure to process it all , the trend for 2017 has been people trusting and relying on channels where the truth has been sorted out from the trash and they can get their valued content without spending too much time being overwhelmed with the alarming trend of  fake news and unnecessary information. What brands will be looking to do is applying content marketing to those channels. This approach resists the blatant “in your face” advertising ,but offers valuable information to people who are sophisticated in their consumption of information.Studies have shown that web users are more likely to patronise a brand that gives them valuable information consistently.



The digital space is here to stay and businesses will have to sink or swim to stay afloat. There will always be trends  and changes and forecasts for the future.Understanding these trends is a sure way you can take advantage of opportunities yet to be tapped into and being at the forefront of “the next big thing”.



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