Top Social Networks and how they can be used for business

Top Social Networks and how they can be used for business



Social media use has taken off around the world and as we say in this part of the world “Naija no dey carry last”. As with every platform where people meet, there are always opportunity for trade to exist. Products and services can be bought or sold and revenue can be generated, social networks are no exception.

Here are the top social networks you can use for your business


The giant of social media has attracted nearly every Nigerian with Internet access. From our parents, to our old friends from primary school, this website in particular has made connections people. As a business owner, Facebook has created several opportunities you can take advantage of. Firstly, you can set up a business page separate from your personal page. These two can still link, so you don’t have to worry about having two accounts open at the same time.

Facebook NigeriaFacebook also has an advertising platform that can create massive awareness for your business, cheaply. You can promote your page for followers, promote your posts, generate leads and even sell directly. Customer service has also been impacted, as you can answer customer queries instantly.

Facebook ads


Instagram BusinessFashion, make up, food and many more businesses have found their way to Instagram.  Instagram also allows you create a business page. On the business page, you have a bio that you can use to explain what your business is about.

Instagram really works with hashtags and Influencers so be sure to use relevant hashtags on your posts. Follow Influencers(people who have a large, engaged following)  and comment on their photos. You can go a step further and give them your products to promote on their page, some will ask to be paid though.

Quick tips for Instagram

Be Consistent

Be fun

Know your audience and engage with them



Linkedin BusinessThe platform for the professionals. Linkedin has a more serious nature with professionals and executives more comfortable with it. If you are a B2B (Business to Business) company, then this is more of your space.  You can create a company page, managed by your personal page. Having your employees also linked, gives your business external credibility. Your Business Linkedin profile can also come up when you are searched for online.

Quick tips

Join Groups( Find forums where your customers, Industry are  communicating)

Create content ( Facts, news, guides) and share

Get your employees to share your content

Secure endorsements- Build your reputation by getting customers to endorse your business page

Get Recommendations



Twitter Business Twitter is a very powerful business tool .Amongst its functions is the ability to monitor mentions of your brand from. This allows you handle complaints as they arise. Reviews and testimonials can be amplified as well. Another feature that will be useful to your brand is the audience insights. This lets you see what topics your followers mostly want to see. You can then create content from those topics.

Tips to get a great following


  • Customers
  • Business partners, suppliers, contractors and vendors
  • Your competitors or peers
  • Trade organizations or professional organizations for your industry
  • Businesses in your neighborhood
  • Businesses run by people you know (your professional network)



Youtube BusinessVideos have become the go to medium nowadays for businesses to capture customer attention. With over 1 billion users, this platform has also created many options for business owners to get a wide following. If your business has a blog and is looking to convert readers into customers, having a YouTube channel is a way to get some level of traffic because it is Google owned. YouTube videos are easily integrated on all Social Media platforms, so it’s easy to get your content shared across all platforms; expanding your reach.



Create content- Depending on your audience( Be fun, educative and visually stimulating)

Encourage viewers to subscribe

Include call to actions in your videos (CTAs can include contacting you for more information, subscribing to your YouTube channel, leaving your feedback, sharing your video on their social network channels, or some other desired action)

Be interactive-  Respond to all feedback

Choose the right categories and tags

Share your videos across all possible platforms



Snapchat for BusinessIs your audience young, vibrant, then you can find them on Snapchat.  Use Snapchat stories that are fun and creative to really spark attention.

Upload content regularly

Interact with other users


You can also use Snapads Snap ads are 10-second, full-screen, vertical videos and can offer some type of interactive element, such as a call to action to visit a specific link. Two-thirds of all ads include audio, which play automatically with the sound on. The short clip should provide information about your company and what its products and/or services are.


Use Sponsored Geofilters-The lenses can cover a specific location, like coffee shops or department stores. For instance, if your business has multiple branches, you can set the geofilters to your specific locations.

Use sponsored Lens




Whatsapp businessCurrently the most popular chatting app in Nigeria. Videos, pictures and all manner of content are shared by millions of Nigerians. Whatsapp also has group functions that have fostered collaboration and reunions. Taking notice of their growth, Whatsapp have also created Whatsapp for business.

With The whatsapp for business, you can create a profile that lets you provide useful information about your business. You can add a display image and your business address.

The Location can also be pinned on Google Maps.

You can set an away message for when you are unavailable

Whatsapp Business A greeting message that introduces first time customers, or customers that have been inactive for more than two weeks.

You can use the whatsapp Business app and your personal Whatsapp on the same phone with different numbers.



The platform you use depends on your audience, product and service. Feel free to use more than one platform and see your business make huge gains.



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