How to make money online in Nigeria- 7 ways to boost your Income

How to make money online in Nigeria- 7 ways to boost your Income


The Internet has minted several high profile fortunes since it really broke through in the 90’s. From the Google guys, Larry Page and Sergey Brin to Mark Zuckerberg. These mind boggling sums have led millions of people to try to make their own fortunes online. The great thing about the Internet is, you can still earn a relatively decent income, without owning a ginormous company.

Here’s ways you can make money online



This popular app has given many users the opportunity to monetize. It’s simple grow your fanbase and brands that are linked to your type of content will come calling. For example Lasisielenu, the popular Instagram comedian leveraged off his instagram following by also creating skits for a plethora of brands. You can do the same, however you must be smart, original and consistent. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

Make money onlineBlog

Fashion, Business, sports. There are blogs on every topic now, from the niche to the mainstream. The audience for bloggers have grown and bloggers have even become stars in their own right. Take for example, Linda Ikeji who built a brand all from her blog, now a fully fledged media company. You can do the same, first of all be sure the direction you want to go, if it’s a niche or if it’s generalized. Also be sure to take advantage of SEO to be able to be found and rank organically on search engines. You will also have to be consistent as competition is rife.

Make money online


Videos have become the fastest way of consuming information.  Youtube has proved to be a platform where all kinds of video content and content creators can be found and they are cashing out. From Comedy to make up tutorials, several youtubers have gained large subscribers that has directly translated to them earning royalties from youtube. The average per 1,000 views for any given YouTuber would be around $1.50 – $3. You can start one today and although it won’t be easy, consistency and originality will see you through.

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Making money online has been made easier and more accessible to anyone with internet access.  People looking for the services of writers, graphic designers, programmers and more are ready to pay you if you have the skills. Platforms such as fiverr and freelancer are even frequented by Nigerians who earn a considerable income performing services. For example, If you get paid $15 to write an article, you do it well, get a great review and build up atleast ten articles a month. That’s $150 converted to atleast 50k Naira, not too bad for a job you can do from home.

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Are you well versed in a particular topic, is it of value to others. Such as a “How to guide” . Then don’t keep all that knowledge to yourself, put it together in an e-book and sell it. The great thing about this is, after all the effort in creating it, it can consistently yield profits. It can even surpass your expectations, depending on how it’s written and how relevant it is.

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Sell video courses

 If you’ve got in depth knowledge in a particular field and love to teach, then you can create educational courses and put them up for sale. Sites like and Uscreen allow you to earn atleast a passive income, all from it.

Make Money Online


Sell your products

Jumia and Konga gives you an opportunity to create your own online store with access to millions of customers. It could be the step to revolutionize your business. With the increasing popularity of these platforms, it can pay off to be positioned there.

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