3 Reasons Why Facebook advertising is the most important for your Nigerian Business

3 Reasons Why Facebook advertising is the most important for your Nigerian Business

Let’s face it the cool 21st century kids on Twitter and Instagram say Facebook is dead but if these cool kids were the only audience your business invested in, they would be the first to use the unfollow button the moment they see content they do not agree with on your Company’s twitter or Instagram page. Facebook audiences on the other hand are quite loyal. They will rather complain in a comment 600 times than “Unlike” the page….the Nigerian Facebook audience at least.

So let’s talk about the reasons why Facebook advertising is the best for most Nigerian businesses if not all…

  1. Facebook advertising gives measurable returns

The returns from Facebook are very measurable – what do I mean by this? If I Invest a certain amount in audience building for example I get a permanent number of likes for a certain amount of money. Pretty much permanent at least – That audience will always be mine to talk to, share content about my business and products and I can grow that audience if I wish. I invest money and I get numbers. Same can be said for promoted posts, engagement and maybe traffic if the post contains a link.

  1. The audience will engage with your content if you target right and post great content

Experimenting with different targeting metrics has helped me personally realize different audiences react differently to things. It has also helped me realize poor planning and targeting can leave you with an unresponsive audience. True story – you can either hit gold or hit rocks. So you want to make sure you know what you are doing when running Facebook ads… If you do not, get help from someone who does.

  1. Facebook is an insane source of traffic if you leverage your website content

With a proper Facebook audience, you need not worry about anything else. Facebook IS enough to build an empire on! And by empire I mean a thriving website with a crazy amount of traffic. Facebook is the beginning and the foundation every business needs to pay attention to. Even if your business and content is photographical and visual based and Instagram seems perfect for you – Facebook bought Instagram for a reason! Do not ever neglect Facebook.


And please do not take this post to mean that other social network platforms are not important, in fact – depending on who your audience is you may be better off on LinkedIn, Instagram or maybe even twitter. The point however remains, you couldn’t possibly go wrong investing in Facebook advertising if you do it right. Be it for audience building or brand awareness. Your returns are forever measurable.

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