Mobile app

How to build your own mobile app

Apps, apps, apps…it’s the rave of the moment. Everywhere we look, we see apps sold for mind boggling amounts, Whatsapp sold to Facebook for $19 Billion, Instagram for $1 Billion…Figures like these have made the business of app making a wild west of budding entrepreneurs trying to make their mark in the app stores. So…

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5 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Learn Digital Marketing in Nigeria

The digital era is here to stay, today’s tech-savvy customers are open to shopping, transacting and connecting online for all their needs. If for no reason else, you should learn digital marketing so as to reach these people and increase the value of your business in 2018 and beyond! Digital marketing has applicable tools and…

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Social media platforms

Top Social Media Platforms to Boost Your Business

Social media platforms Social media is an open-ended platform to communicate and engage with your customers and clients. Undoubtedly, in this digital age where almost everyone in Nigeria has access to the internet and is active on 1 or more social networks, the best place you want to be as a business and to reach…

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Email Marketing

5 Email Marketing tips

In business, it’s always a great idea to keep learning. How do you do this? Well, sometimes the best way is to learn from what other businesses have done. Not only does this give you a blueprint, it also leaves room for continuous innovation and improvement. Email marketing is a staple right now, and even…

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7 Key Benefits Of Digital Marketing To Your Business

Digital Marketing is all about reaching your audience at the right place, right time and with the right message. With recent technology and digitization, your best strategy would be to meet your customers online; the one place where more and more of them are spending much time researching and buying products. A main advantage of…

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Social Media

5 Reasons You Should Invest in Social Media Marketing

As an entrepreneur or business owner, even before social media marketing, I bet you already know the importance of marketing. It is one aspect of your business you’re not to joke with if you want to create awareness and garner sales for you products or services.  It is a very competing market where the best…

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Mobile App

How to hire a mobile app developer- Ten things to look out for

  The rise of the app, it’s easy access and it’s ability to serve as a functional extension of a business has made it popular. Nowadays businesses create an app or even more to carry out specific objectives and meet certain business goals. The thing about apps though, is they are not that easy to…

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6 Questions To Answer Before Paying For A Digital Marketing Course

A lot of business owners have now realize the importance of digital marketing for their respective businesses. The end rewards and benefits far outweighs what you get from most forms of marketing. Digital marketing is an accountable and measurable customer acquisition marketing strategy and in the world we live in now, it’s only right you…

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Top 5 Social Media Tools to Increase Sales in Nigeria

Isn’t social media one of the best things to have happened in the past 10 years? Using it has brought a versatile twist in the way we communicate among ourselves and with those far away. These days, you only need a touch of a button and you’re communicating real time with the people across the…

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Email marketing

What is Email Marketing- Giving your profits a boost with E-mail

  As a business, you should consistently seek ways to gain the vantage position.  Ways to get more customers, to beat competitors and to be more efficient. The dawn of the internet age has made buyers the rules the center of marketing. With the rise of the internet in the early nineties, most people’s first…

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