On-page SEO

5 On-page SEO Things You Can Do On Your Own

There are many people out there who own websites and blogs they would love to see rank well on Google and other search engines. Many of this people may not have the funding to hire big Search Engine Optimization firms to help achieve their goals. Good SEO is a balance of both On-page and Off-page…

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instagram for business

The Proper Way To Use Instagram For Your Business

Have you thought of increasing your brand’s online presence? One effective tool to do this is Social Media. The most common ones are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this blog post, we are particular about using Instagram to increase profits for businesses. If you do not have one, here are the simple steps to take.…

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Digital Marketing Terms

What is PPC, CPA, CPC And Other Digital Marketing Terms Explained

Most times when we deal with clients who have little or no knowledge about digital marketing, we usually experience difficulties relating with them on our course of action for their digital campaign. If people knew at least the basic terminologies used in Digital Marketing, this would enable clients get more value for their money and…

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Now You've Got The Job

Surviving Your First Week On A New Job

Hello there, just like it is that every day is someone’s birthday, so it is that everyday people get hired. This article right here is to give tips to those that just got hired. They are so many things you need to know but I’ll just share a few. SAY THANK YOU Congratulations! You have…

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Every Company Needs A Blog

Why Every Company In Nigeria Needs A Blog On Their Website

If you are above 13 years of age, I believe you know there’s a difference between a weblog – the long form of blog – and a website proper. I would not go into the details of highlighting the differences and similarities between the two. That has been reserved for a later blog post.  I recall speaking…

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